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Armed Response and Monitoring

Ares Protection features a state-of-the-art, technologically-advanced and ergonomically-designed control room. All incoming emergency or technical calls and signals are sent to and dealt with from our head office in Sandton.


The core signalling services have been given a supplementary boost in the fact that we only use GPRS transmitters and Smart Apps.


Ares Protection believes that the value of this type of sophisticated off-site control room versus a single suburb hub, is critical in ensuring that there is no vulnerability or potential risk to the ‘heart’ of the armed response operation.


From the control room to the units in the field, the one thing our clients have to be able to rely on, is a system that works. We believe in being proactive as opposed to reactive. Prevent the problem before it occurs. Good monitoring software streamlines the entire system. The Control Room uses Listener Software for our core monitoring system. This results in fewer false alarms, more efficient response times, more accurate event reporting and stronger and fluid purpose driven teamwork. This effectively saves money, but can also save lives.


The vehicles are integrated with the system and the signals are automatically despatched to the officer in the response vehicle.


The integrated vehicle tracking dedicates the vehicle closest to the address, ensuring fast reaction times. Vehicles are area based and the client to vehicle ratio is designed to give each vehicle the fastest response time to clients.

Ares Protection Armed Response Officers are highly trained and competent to deal with any situation on site.


Ares Protection is proud to work with @ER24 as our medical service provider of choice. Our direct contact to their ambulances and vehicles ensures that medical assistance is at all times only seconds away.





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